It's Gonna Be The Best Day Ever

Happily Never After

Infinity was within reach
Maybe a wedding on the beach
Love filled the air
But sometimes life isn’t fair

We change, we fade, we grow
We go through glee and sorrow
Darkness shrouded the light
The future doesn’t look bright

When it falls apart and breaks
It feels like the sting of a thousand snakes
All love is lost
The heart turns to frost

The clock continues to tick by
We continue to fall apart no matter how hard we try
To let go of yesterday
So tomorrow won’t be too grey

We go our separate ways
Like a flower pulled out of its vase
It gets better who knows when
Maybe when our paths cross again


Life has a way of surprising you
You don’t really know where you’re headed to
It might not be what you desire
It could be freezing water or burning fire
But trust me when I say it’s fate
When it comes to that, there’s no debate
You’re headed to the right place
After all the trials you face
It’ll be all worth it in the end
For destiny you cannot bend

I’m A Dreamer

Some say I’m a dreamer
But I’m just quite the believer
That the best thing to do is to smile
And all the suffering is worthwhile
While we tend to dwell on the past
Looking at things we thought would last
At some point we have to let go
So we can reach high, not low
Forget what happened yesterday
And live in today
Everything will be okay eventually
And I know we’ll live happily

What Does The Future Hold?

So in less than a year, I’m graduating high school. I’m already starting to get sentimental seeing all my friends here in the Philippines already applying for colleges, having their senior pictures taken and such. It hits me hard how time flew, how high school is about to end when it felt like it just started. All the great friends I’ve made are headed to their own paths as well as I. Yet I don’t even know what my future holds. I’ve yet to decide where I want to go to college, the Philippines or the US, then after that I don’t even have an idea of what course I want to take. Honestly I’m scared, broken and lost. I’m torn between two worlds, I’m afraid of what will happen between me and all my friends. Change is just not my thing. My decision has to come sooner or later, but for now I’m just lost in a dark void of confusion. It’s all up to God where I’m headed, but I would love to know, “What does the future hold?”

The Key to Serenity

When all seems lost
I keep my fingers crossed,
I don’t lose hope
This pain I can cope

Though it hurts so bad
And it drives me mad
it will all be okay
Eventually, it goes away
Because love prevails
And it never fails

In a world of struggle
I get through the rubble
Because I will always try
‘Til the the day I die